3’’ Heavy duty pvc suction pipe with imported couplings
1.5'' vaccum relief valve for access air removal (safety valve)  
  Truck side photo 25 to 40 kgm/gb drive used for pump operating.
Nozzle cone used for high pressure cold water pump drain line clean chambers This is s.s material (sizes start from 1/2" to 1.5")  
  1'' three way ball valve
Coupling male with barrel nipple bsp treading  
  Female coupling with hose shank
Male Coupling with D Table Flange  
  3'' 3 pcs construction ball valve
Rotary civil Italian 90 degree  
  2'' pressure relief valve
Rotary civil Italian 90 degree  
  Air Filter Nash
Hydraulic Pump  
  Oiler/Oil indicator
Primary, Secoundary  
  Pump Veins
Pump NRV  
  Oil Deep Stick
Idle Bearing /Out Trigger  
  Brass nipple/ferrule/rubber cap
Acrylic Tube  
  Pneumatic Gang