U.S.Enterprises was established at lonand, Maharashtra, India on 22 march 2010 . We have a branch in Pune, Maharashtra, India as well.

We are in business of :

  • Jetting machine
  • Suction machine
  • Combination machine (jetting & suction)
  • High flow machine
  • Recycle in unit machine

We also undertake mounting of above types of machines on various types of trucks depending upon their capacity.
Shirish Tanksal, Director, Technical :- has experience of 15 years and has work in this field.
Shruti Tanksale director, finance :- she is complied of bachelor in electronics year 2000. She further did a 2 year diploma in finance

Small fabrication job are done in- house, while big custom fabrication job are shared with companies partnered with.

We also take Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) and sell spare parts as well.